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Thickness: 0.16-0.8mm, width: 600-1250mm, substrate zinc layer: 20-180 grams per square meter. Film thickness: finish 5+10 micron and above, back paint 5-7 micron.

Material: SGCC, SGCH, DX51D+Z, DX51D+AZ.

Standard: JIS G3302. ASTM A653. color coating enterprise standard Q/HYB301CGCC

Purpose: the construction industry: outdoor applications: the roof, the roof structure, rolling shutter door, kiosks, shutters, see the gatekeepers, the street waiting room, ventilation road. Appliances: refrigerators, air conditioners, electronic cooker, washing machine shell, oil furnace etc.. Transportation: the automobile ceiling, backplane, partitions, the shell of the car, tractor, ship bulkhead etc.. But still use the most steel plant, composite board workshop, color steel tile factory.


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